Boys Varsity Cross Country, Girls Varsity Cross Country · Cross Country Sectional Championship Race

Sectionals Group


Girls Team – 2nd Overall.


Elizabeth Washburn 1 of 70 20:31.4
Abigail Washburn 3 of 70 20:39.4
Taylor Schlagenhaft-Thomas 9 of 70 21:57.3
Vanessa McCloud 15 of 70 22:46.9
Amanda Murphy 41 of 70 26:25.6
Naomi McCloud 55 of 70 29:04.0
Sarah Estes DNF NT
5 man Average 22:28.2
5 man Split 5:54.2



The Lady Knights raced a fantastic race today at the 2017 Division IV Section 1 Championships.  Elizabeth and Abigail went out with the lead pack and eventually wore down the majority of the runners placing 1st and 3rd respectively.  This is Elizabeth’s second year in a row to be crowned the DIV Sec 1 Champion!  Taylor was not too far behind, even after falling hard near the start.  She picked herself up and ran the rest of the race bruised and covered in dirt.  She was rewarded with 9th place for her efforts and one of the Top 14 medals.  Vanessa ran a very smart race, pushing hard at the start but even more the last half.  She place 15th, missing medals by one place.  She pushed through a very sore knee and had a great Freshman debut!  Sarah struggled mid-race and was unable to finish so Amanda rounded out our top 5 today.  Placing 41st, she secured our position in 2nd place!  Great job, Amanda!  Your consistent effort this year paid off huge dividends for the team today.  Naomi put in a strong effort today and took our 6th position displacing other runners saving valuable points.

Congratulations Lady Knights!  You are going to State.  While we may have fallen short of a Championship today, we have a stronger shared experience of teamwork and commitment.  It was your hard work and dedication that got you this far and this is only the beginning.




Boys Team – 13th Overall.


Andrew Medrano 31 of 97 19:27.4
Paxton Ortega 55 of97 20:21.3
Carlos Deguzman 78 of97 22:08.8
John Brobo 89 of 97 24:11.6
Jacob Carlos 91 of 97 24:48.1
Josh Davis 92 of 97 26:26.8
Cian Boyle 93 of 97 27:40.1
5 man Average 22:11.5
5 man Split 5:20.7



The boys knew going into this race that chances were strong this was their last race of the season.  They all went out strong, hitting their goal time, or faster, in the first mile.  The efforts paid off with some nice PR’s for Andrew and Josh who both hit personal records to finish the season strong.  Andrew placing 31st means he was only 6 places out of qualifying for State.  Nice work Andrew.  Paxton just missed a 5k PR, but did set a course personal record by 25 seconds.  Cian also set a new course personal record by about 3.5 minutes.  Nice work boys!  This is all about improvement.  Carlos and John raced strong and were only 13 seconds and 25 seconds off their 5K PR’s set at Twilight, respectively.  This says a lot considering it was pretty warm today.  Their consistent training and hard work has paid off.  Jacob struggled a little today but as a new freshman runner this can happen at any time.

Boys, we knew the only way to state was to have 5 men under 20.  That held true all season with the 7th and last team selected today having a 19:32 average.  Last year at Sectionals, our 5 man average was 23:27.  This year it was 22:11.  We are headed in the right direction.  Nice race and way to cap off the season with great efforts and really nice personal times.