Trivium Athletics is excited to announce we will be hosting our first physical / registration day on Saturday May 21st from 8:00am to 12:00pm in the Trivium Prep Gym. Foothills Physical Therapy and Banner Concussion Center staff will be taking care of all of the physicals. All proceeds will go to the Athletics department and aid in a continuing partnership with Foothills Physical Therapy to provide Athletic Trainer coverage for Trivium Prep.

Please reserve your spot today, we have 14 slots per 30 minute time period as the Physicals will move fast and be set up in stations. However, we have limited sign up slots available. Anyone who signs up will be given priority in line on the day of.

The cost for the physical is $20! Most insurance plans cost at least $20 for a copay. If you take your student to a clinic for a physical you will pay more than that.

Please take the opportunity to come out for our Physical / Registration day and take care of all of the paper work for your student to participate in Athletics at Trivium Prep in the 2016-2017 school year.

Note: If your student has been referred to a specialist for any condition in the near past history, please bring necessary documentation of the visit to the specialist that includes there clearance.

Please print the 2016-2017 physical form and complete sections that needed to be completed prior to arriving. We will have extra physicals available but this will delay your student in beginning the physical exam process.

You can pre pay to further speed up the process by using our link to our online store.